WyzeCam SD Card - History/Timeline view

I have several Wyze Cam v2 with SD cards fitted to capture all motion events (not continuous recording).

It’s there a way to display the captured SD Card events in a timeline/history view similar to the cloud “events” in the app?

The only way I can find to view these is to scroll the camera time backwards or forwards until a recording is available.
This is ok when you have many recordings but would be much more convenient to display as a list or at least have the option to “jumpback to previous capture” “jump forward to next capture”.

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Currently there is no way to put them in a list as you describe, however on the timeline at either end there are arrows that will jump you to the previous or next event on the sd card


Thanks Jason.
I didn’t realise that you could click on the arrows, that’s exactly what I was looking for and good enough for my needs.
That’s the beauty of modern flat UI design, you have no idea what you can click on…