Wyzecam pan v3 SD card continues recording while offline

Two weird behaviors:

  1. if I get a little too impatient in moving the camera, such as quickly swiping multiple times to pan, the camera will freeze and go offline. Requires a power cycle. Not a big problem, I just need to be more patient, but…
  2. The camera continues to record to the SD card while offline, but later playback of the offline period is at about 10x speed. I can start the playback a little before it went offline, then suddenly at the moment it goes offline it speeds up. After I power cycle the camera, I can start the playback just before the power cycle. It plays at 10x until the power cycle, then resumes normal playback.
    It actually was kinda helpful to review all the recordings during the offline period at 10x. Wish this was something you could toggle on/off.
    Anyone else see this, or maybe can try to reproduce it?

I’m curious what you’re doing to the poor camera…

I have several operational V3 Pan cameras and have never seen that as a problem. As will all the powered Wyze cameras (except the OG), if the camera loses WiFi connectivity, it will continue to record to the uSD card. Although neither of my V3 Pan cameras normally lose WiFi, several other types do regularly - when I drive my truck out of range of my WiFi. They continue to record just fine.