Wyzecam Pan jumps back and forth when nothing else is moving but one thing

Has anyone else experienced this? My dog can be in the back yard sniffing around and the Wyzecam Pan moves in his direction, and while he’s standing there wagging his tale, and nothing else is moving, the Wyzecam will start moving 25 feet away from him, then back to him, over and over again.

I tried lowering and increasing the sensitivity but neither has any effect.

Do you have any preset waypoints?
I had not realized I had preset a waypoint and mine would do that,

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Yes, I set up 4 presets, going from left to right approximately 180 degrees. If there’s nothing moving in the back yard the camera cycles as it should going from left to right and then back again, over and over. But when something is moving that’s when it starts jumping back and forth between two of those presets.

Do you think if I eliminate the presets that will solve the problem?

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Yes …

So basically the presets are to use if you want the camera to sweep back and forth over a certain area , and without them the camera will face front and then move in the direction of the motion?

That’s my understanding - if you have motion tracking on.
“Pan Scan allows the Wyze Cam Pan to automatically scan its surroundings by rotating to up to four custom pre-set waypoints. At each waypoint, the camera will pause for 10 seconds before moving to the next waypoint. It will continue moving between the waypoints until Pan Scan is turned off.”