WyzeCam OG - Unreliable Motion Detection: misses high contrast pets & people, notifies constantly for weather

Recently installed two WyzeCam OG’s outdoor. Disclaimer: I installed SD cards and do not pay for the camera+ subscription.

My expectations of a $20 WyzeCam vs $200 Ring cam are relatively low. I’m not mad (although annoyed) about the CONSTANT false notifications for snow, rain, dust, a cloud of hot air from my vents, or even absolutely nothing distinguishable to the human eye.

What does make me very frustrated is when LARGE OR HIGH CONTRAST MOVING OBJECTS don’t set off motion detection in broad daylight.

After looking at my SD card, here are two examples of motion caught in clear, color, daylight, and full-resolution that DID NOT trigger a motion event:

  1. A stranger walking through my yard (even though the next photo shows an alert for a small dark bird)

  2. My dogs playing

Anyone else struggling with this?

My motion settings are set to 45% sensitivity and I do have motion zones set up to prevent areas that may have motion I don’t care about.

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Turn this up higher. Yes your objects are a high contrast, but they appear far and small in screen. They may not be breaking the sensitivity threshold.

I recommend starting at 100 and backing down to find your sweet spot. Sounds like motion detecting is working for you, but is missing obvious objects which I believe a higher sensitivity would catch.