Wyzecam Notification Lag?

Same problem here, Verizon Note 10+, tried it with battery optimization off and on, same results, notifications show up OK if I’m actively using the phone or if a notification has gone off recently. If the phone has not been in use for a while and an event is triggered, I only see the waiting notification and hear the sound when I turn on the screen and unlock the phone.

I recently purchased and iSmartGate pro system for opening and closing my garage door and guess what . . . it behaves exactly the same way Wyze does for notifications. Here is where I’m at right now:

Note 10+
Reset all system settings (no way I’m doing a factory reset at the moment)
Turned off all battery optimization settings (Wyze and iSmartgate don’t show in some of them for exclusion status)
Turned off edge lighting (just noticed there is an option to do edge lighting (which i never willingly had on in the first place) enabled if the screen is off (this likely came on after the system setting reset
Turned off always on screen
Disconnected my smartwatch (who knows what this could be doing)
All other apps are able to notify during this time (text, hangouts, gmail)
Happens on Wyze and WyzeBeta applications.

At this point I have no idea what the culprit is, but I’m not blaming Wyze completely now that there is another app that behaves this way.

I’d like to make sure that Wyze development staff know that their app, and the other offending app, are conspicuously absent from the options screen where you can add an app to be ignored when it comes to battery optimization. Maybe that absence points to something in the way the code is written that is preventing them from getting notifications?

I believe I once opened a ticket for this with them, but it never hurts to get their attention again with another customer filing another ticket!

My current crude workaround in to have an iDevice within earshot, or keep one Android device always plugged into a charger. :disappointed:

At one time I looked at about every option I could think of, and only the anti-doze apps, Android Debug Bridge (adb) commands discussed here did any good

But the next chance I have time to work on it, I was going to go through these recently posted checklists.

Heck, if it says “The Complete Guide” its gotta fix it, right?? :grinning:


I have tried all of the tips in both of those articles and nothing worked.

I think that the anti-doze adb commands work for the same reason that the Wyze app does not show as an option in the list of apps that can be added to not ever be put to sleep.

Very resistant it is.

A couple of weeks ago, @WyzeGwendolyn dropped in on the other thread to let us know it was being monitored, but I have not seen any news or updates since?

It’s not a problem with every cam software out there, so there has to be a fix of some sort?

Help us Obi-Gwen, you are our only hope…

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Seems to be a related article I just read…

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Thanks for posting that!

Not that I’m thrilled about waiting for a device that runs Android 11 for a possible cure, but it really gives the big picture view on what the Wyze developers are facing.

Yep! I don’t know what Wyze has done, hasn’t done, has planned or is planning on about this, but I do believe that they are watching, doing what they can to maintain a stable and usable app for us users. Based on everything I’ve read, I think the notification lag issue is a OS/Android thing and Wyze is doing what they can, imo. Will I switch to apple? Yea nooo, not in the cards. :slight_smile:


Turns out that this issue is resistant to The Force.

Even worse, it doesn’t appreciate puns. :frowning:

But yes, we take this seriously and it’s something we’ve been looking into and trying to resolve but it is really tricky. We know it’s inconvenient and we are sorry for the poor experience.


Thank you for the super quick update! I have just been learning that it is a much more widespread and complex issue that I had previously realized. Hopefully it cracks soon! :slight_smile:

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I have a clean Android 10 (Google Pixel 4 XL) and periodically I also encounter notification delays from the Wyze cameras. For the Wyze application removed all restrictions on background work.

I’m running android 11 now and I’m not seeing any difference, so I’m still using the adb command to kill doze.


Same here. Sometimes it comes within a minute and sometimes I get a batch an hour later or so.


There is something which can be done. It is explained in another topic area, but here is a link: Can Wyze take accountability for extremely delayed notifications? - #26 by spamoni4

Basically, you run an ADB command, which also works in Android 11. to disable Doze mode. Doze is apparently the issue. I ran the command on my Pixel 4 and now receive alerts virtually immediately. One downside is that you need to run the command if the phone is rebooted. For me, that is not a big issue as I don’t power off or reboot the phone all that often.

I have not seen any increase in battery use because of this nor have I seen any negative impacts to other areas of the phone.

Here is a post I made in the forum above on my settings on my Android Phone: Can Wyze take accountability for extremely delayed notifications? - #30 by spamoni4

Providing this in case it helps as it has for me.


Same here, I usually receive Wyze notifications when another app eg: MyQ, gmail, Strava sends a notification and wakes the phone.
For me Wyze is the only app that has this problem and it has been an issue for well over a year .

FYI : MyQ notifications are instant

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Hope this gets fixed before the doorbell camera ships . . . otherwise that thing is going to be useless for me. :slight_smile: Any updates?

I’ve mentioned this a couple times in a thread or 2…I typically have doze disabled (via adb), I’m a doorbell tester and have tested a few times with doze enabled and notifications were always timely. Same goes for the lock, with doze enabled, I get lock notifications very quick. Now if they (Wyze) could just implement how notifications work on the db/lock to the other cams, we could put this issue to rest.


I gave the Wyze app one star in the Play store because of this issue. I suggest other people do the same in order for Wyze to fix this issue.

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If you sort the user reviews in the Play Store by “newest,” the majority of the most recent ratings are one or two stars. It’s no wonder, with the recent train wreck of camera issues reported in the forums here which seem to fall on deaf ears. I’m a little hopeful that the scheduled maintenance of Feb 3 will do some good, but I’m not holding my breath.

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I am a new Wyze user coming from Arlo. I will say the Wyze camera is much better so far. The one thing that I am not getting that Arlo did was immediate notifications. I am not sure the difference but I have an Arlo and Wyze camera set up in the same area.

When there is detection the Arlo is IMMEDIATE and Wyze takes some time. It’s a bummer because I like to use the camera as a driveway detection when people come to my home.

Anyone know how to make the notification immediate.