WyzeCam not recording to cloud anymore fo notification

I got the cam yesterday.I have three questions:

  1. It was all working fine except one thing. But now since last 5-6 hours I am getting notification on motion and sound and I can see video thumbnails but when I click to see the video I get error message in IoS app as,“Video not available or still uploading or something like that”. Its been few hours now. It all worked fine till morning today.

  2. Second question is, I am using it indoor, pointed outside on my window and it’s pretty much useless, as night vision reflects the light back to camera and normal vision doesn’t show much. Is there any hack or fix to solve these two problems.

  3. When do you see the Smartthings integration, if any, in your development schedule or road map. Would love to be ST integration. Lot of people want it, trust me you should do that asap. I want to buy few more of your cameras and use it fully your cameras instead of other cameras and seperate app, or using ST damn expensive camera. But yet don’t want to miss awesome features ST offers. Only solution is your integration with ST. If its sometime soon, I will invest my money on all the cameras I need, else will not. Lot of people will be waiting for exact same answers to invest in you.

<div>Sorry for long question.</div>

what the… how did my test turn into html???