WYZEcam keep dissapearing from IFTTT device list

I set up IFTTT to turn on/off my doorcam upon leaving and returning home. However, recently my Doorcam keep disappearing from the device list. It used to pop up under “which device”. Now it just says no option found.

I tried reinstalling wyzecam and ifttt, latest firmware on wyzecam. Also when I reconnected Wyzecam to IFTTT. My Doorcam showed up again, but after a day it dissapears again from device list.

Does anyone know why my wyzecam keep disappearing from IFTTT device list? It worked flawlessly for a year up until a few weeks ago


Hey Mlwang203,

You should disconnect your Wyze account from IFTTT and then reconnect it. If you have already done this, you should contact Wyze Support at hello@wyzecam.com


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I have the same problem