Wyzecam Getting Video (3/3)

Hey all. So just recently my wyzecam has this issue. Earlier today, i recalled i clicked either on
ON and then OFF immediately or vice versa. I don’t remember which one first. But when I did this, i notice when i clicked on turn ON, it would show ON but the issue is it always showing the message

Getting Video (3/3)

How do i fix this issue? I know its not my internet because when i have wyzecam turned on… i would turn off my wifi on my iphone and connect with my data and it still shows this message.

Also i unplugged the wyzecam from outlet and plugged it back in. Then turn on from wyzecam on iphone and same issue. Could this have anything to do with me clicking on and then off immediately or vice versa earlieer today when clicking on ON or OFF in the wyzecam app? I can’t imagine that could have caused it right? I mean it could have had this issue since before it but i didn’t recognize it until when i tried to turn it on or off.

Right now it does show ON on the iphone. It also has the blue light on in the back of my iphone. But when you look at the timestamp it shows a frozen image few minutes earlier.

Now when i click on it … same message

Getting Video (3/3)