WyzeCam Ethernet Data Support

Wired Ethernet to Micro USB/USB C

I’m working on a work site where the public WiFi doesnt have a password. I have an adapter from an old Google device that has a power brick, Ethernet port and adapter to micro USB. It powers the camera but the camera doesnt have a LAN nic only WiFi. For many locations that do not allow for 2.4Ghz and/or Guest WiFi only without a password this leaves certain sites vulnerable for shared spaces. Example office areas with equipment, shared spaces with strangers passing through, Dr’s offices etc. Without using a single persons name to sign into the enterprise network we could simply use a LAN connection to connect a camera.

Google has made this adapter for their products Google (5V/1A) 6-ft Micro-USB Charger w/ Ethernet for Chromecast Ultra (GL0402)

All the features I actually want are either maybe laters or not at this time.

I started looking at Eufy cameras as an alternative to Wyze , because of their AI, but doesn’t look like anyone is interested in making smart POE cams.

Any suggestions from the forum?

I know the feeling! My personal peeve at the moment is dark mode…

Sure, there are several. Personally I have very inexpensive ($30-$80) 2K floodlight cameras from HeimLink and Foscam that have both WiFi (2.4 and 5 Ghz) and POE ports. I can’t recommend the HeimLink only because of the near absence of support; it’s been working fine outdoors for a year. There are other brands.

They both have local person detection and free notifications, as well as paid plan options. I mostly just use them with TinyCam.


Trashed all my Wyze Products. Gave up on the company. Lots of Gaslighting ZERO results.

It’s kind of sad, I was a product fanatic early on. I don’t know how many people I convinced to buy Wyze products over the last few years… at least a dozen, but I don’t feel comfortable recommending Wyze anymore.

I wouldn’t mind all the distractions with the periphery products, if it felt like they were purposefully building towards a centralized IOT ecosystem. I was really hoping that the mesh announcement would at least demonstrate a plan to tie it all together.

What we got is more of the same, a bunch of white label products with the wyze brand slapped on them and a clunky app to look at our badges for buying them.

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If its popular enough to force Apple to cave, you’d think that Wyze might consider taking heed, but it doesn’t seem like Wyze puts very much stock in the wishlist anymore.

A lot of the most requested features are going on their 3rd and 4th year of being “looked into”

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