WyzeCam Ethernet Data Adapter

Any chance this might come to fruition? Tired of wifi working sporadically with cameras at the end of the house


Product Suggestion:

Hello. I love the WYZE Cameras. I have numerous ones around our house. I pay for the subscription service too.

Besides the fantastic price point, their ease of installation and wireless connection are great.

I would like for WYZE to consider a separate, additional option for the cameras. I would like to be able to plug in an Ethernet connection to the back. I am thinking something like the piece that plugs into the back of the camera similar to the piece for the sensor adaptor.

If this was available, the majority of the cameras in my house would still be wireless but there are a few areas that cameras in proximity to the ethernet could be plugged directly in.

The benefits I can see are:

  • Quicker connection to the internet.
  • Off-loading the device from the WiFi at home.
  • Still keep the original price point of the camera since this is an optional device.
    Please continue develop of your great products.

Welcome to the merge club. Take a ticket and stand in line. Hopefully this issue will get solved. My WyZe cameras all 7 of them are sitting on a shelf waiting for this feature.


You are right. I have setup wyze cam for apartments. Up to 30 wyze cams on my name. I used those because the users only want to view around the property they manage. I use amcrest for professional jobs; those that want to record locally with nvr. If wyze has a dependable wired addition to their cams and native rtsp or onvif, then they will be product of choice. I like wyze for the little they do but they lack foresight in realizing the path they should follow. If wyze does not have their own NVR, that’s ok. but they have to make what they already have up to standard: Ethernet adapter and native rtsp or onvif.


I have a shed that is outside my wifi coverage, I am running ethernet out there and it would be really nice to be able hardwire some wyze cams. I would love to try some of the new wyze cam 3 if they were able to be hardwired. @WyzeGwendolyn any chance this will be happening?

The V3 does not have a hardwire connection. I have not heard of any plans to produce an ethernet camera (at least not yet).

However, since you have ethernet out there, you should be able to install a satellite router to get wifi to that area.


Wifi is an unreliable and undesirable source for video streaming. It doesn’t really matter if one can put the camera on top of the satellite AP/router, etc. It’s much more important to get a hard wired connection.

The reason I am upgrading from wyze to amcrest is because their camera has ethernet port. It’s easy for wyze to integrate ethernet port by producing an adapter that still power the cam through one end and connect to ethernet port the other end. Wifi is never reliable. I have 5 wyze cams and they are making my wifi slow. I had to upgrade to wifi 6 router but the bandwidth consumption by the cameras are much. I just replace 1 cam with amcrest and it works with my nas nicely. Asustor is quite nice nas that support both wyze and amcrest with 4 free licenses. I ordered for 150dollar.however, wyze wifi creates a connectivity issues and I am ready to move elsewhere. Incase anyone want to buy my wyze cams, I can see each for 10dollar. I have wyze pan too. Take a look at the attached picture and see what wifi unreliable evidence. I hate wifi for ip camera.


Hey everyone, I don’t know if it is true but this article about the V3 mentioned that a PoE accessory is coming.

If the poe adapter is true, I will upgrade all my 5 cameras. I hate running camera on wifi. It disrupts my wifi and make it slow for other devices. I prefer a dedicated wired connection.

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Now, hold on. Power via PoE does NOT necessarily mean a camera will function without WiFi.


That would have to be the most asinine thing in the history of technology if they enabled PoE for power, but not for ethernet as well.

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Definitely very insane thing to do. It’s unheard off for ethernet to be opened for poe and no data through it. That’s will be so awful of wyze.

Also in the AMA they answered my question for the V3 that ethernet was definitely a possibility as the micro usb “can support data.”


I will not buy any V3 cam until I am sure I have pathway to ethernet. I really hate to wait for wifi to slowly connect. So awfully without 5ghz radios. Ethernet port is the answer.

Near wired performance can be achieved for currently Wi-Fi only cameras by way of a range extender/access point plugged directly to a router. (Even an old wi-fi router used like a repeater could work) This eliminates many common negative Wi-Fi issues especially if each camera has it’s own dedicated direct wired AP. Using a static/reserved IP if possible also helps cut down on DHCP network chatter. Who knows maybe we all just need Wi-Fi 6 routers and future dev taking advantage of it …add to the Wishlist if it’s not there.

Btw, referring to the whole PoE discussion, Power Over Ethernet (PoE) is just that. It’s kinda redundant to say Ethernet over PoE. That’s equivalent to referencing a water heater as a hot water heater. Just saying. You could probably actually find a USB power adapter for the camera end if do run PoE to your end points, that’s doable.

Yes and that’s exactly why it’s NOT redundant to mention Ethernet data. PoE is a power delivery specification. Plenty of people are using PoE power delivery to WiFi-only cameras (like the V2!) using a Cat5 power transformer at the receiving end. With a power injector instead of a PoE switch, Ethernet data never touches the cable.

Anyway it’s encouraging to see andrew_nyr’s response indicating the V3 may support both Ethernet data and power delivery with the upcoming adapter. That would be great.

yea, and it increases wifi interference greatly

Are you suggesting to get extenders and make an isolated wifi for the camera just so you can translate that into a “Wired” connection?

If you are suggesting that. Then the logical choice is not to invest in this goldberg idea and spend a little more on a standard POE camera.