WyzeCam "eating" micro SD cards?

Thanks, SD Card Formatter may have done the trick, all works now.


Hi, folks!

We’ve been looking into microSD card issues for a while. Like DreadPirateRush said, it’s tricky to hunt down because some issues are from the cards themselves, some from camera hardware defects, and at one point we found a firmware issue we were able to fix. We’re still looking into this though. If you have trouble with your microSD card and it’s within our specs (32GB or less and formatted in FAT32) but formatting it with a computer doesn’t help, please contact our support team. Here’s a link in case you need it!


We’re sorry for the trouble and appreciate you letting us know.

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Does this fix the entire issue? Or would the card still need to be reformatted every time it reaches capacity?

my pancam has just developed this issue. I purchased the card fromWYZE and it’s never been used in anything except the pancam. Anything resolved yet for this issue?

Hello @eileenb221, here is the latest on this issue and a workaround tip that you can try and see if it helps.

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Same issue with cam breaking my SD cards. Seems to happen when it runs out of space, it can’t over-write and keep recording. All 3 of my SD cards that broke have been maxed in space. Can’t reformat alt all! V2

Wyze PanCam came highly recommended from the neighbor after he got one Saturday.

Mine shows up and is connected Monday.

No time lapse, was hoping to catch remodeling of my house when I go on vacation. No big deal.

SD card is dead. Wyze SD card.

Deal breaker. Getting returned tomorrow. Neighbor has same issues, his is also being returned.

I’d will and have gladly paid more for the same features from different brands, some are now 5 years old and never had an issue.

Wyze PanCam, almost 24 hours.

My SD cards are constantly getting corrupted. This causes one of them to be possessed and go into a reboot cycle until the SD card is repaired from my PC. Power is buried underground here and we have maybe one brown/black out per year.

They are both set to record continuously.

I format them with the camera app option, not the PC. Since the camera is capable of formatting it, why can’t it also do a repair on boot?

The other common issue is tons of lost files that get put in the lost+found folder after a repair.

6 cams, 2 of them pan cams installed in the last month. As of last night, now two of them…one regilar cam v2, the other a pan, have destroyed the sd card. One was a cheap knock off, the other a Sandisk. Both 32 gig / 10 cards. Once cards show in the app as dead, windows pc wont even recognize…they are toast. Was planning to purchase many more of these to monitor stores, but between this and audio/video sync issues, I cannot justify it. Need this fixed pronto or unfortunately, business is going to be lost.


I use the Samsung PRO and EVO depending on camera. The PRO’s are obviously better. I have not had any issues as of yet out of either. The EVO’s are $11 from Amazon. Would it be worth trying one of those first?

My microSD cards in my 5 wyzecams are performing better. I’ll guess this is a combination of me buying higher quality cards, AND, wyze developers building more robust software.

At this point, I’m only purchasing the “high endurance” cards, such as… https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B01BDKTQY6/ref=ppx_yo_dt_b_asin_title_o00_s00?ie=UTF8&psc=1. Check out the endurance ratings on that page #YMMV

With the constant read write, the high endurance cards are going to be 100 times better if it if from a legitimate vendor. Those cards are actually really good cards and only $20.

Sometimes, I wonder how well these mSD cards can do 2 things at once (and if the quality of the card makes a difference)…

Example #1, the card could be in the process of writing a file, or, deleting the oldest file, while the camera is reading the card… so that you can view some footage.

Example #2, the card could be in the process of writing a file, or, deleting the oldest file, when you “kick the plug” of the camera.

Good questions. I’ve read on a dashcam site where formatting the card monthly was recommended, which is the first and only time I’ve seen that. Before pulling the plug, I would recommend turning the camera off in the software so the writes stop or at least the one’s you can control. We’ve asked for a proper procedure on card removal, but haven’t seen one.

Hello! My Wyze Pan Cam and wyze SD card arrived this past Saturday and immediately after testing I was so impressed. Then once I had tested it I went to mount it to the wall and turn it back on but noted it did not recognized the SD card anymore. I tried to format in the camera but it can’t because it’s not recognized. I tried the disk in my other products and it said card error. I tried to reformat on my Mac but that didn’t fix it either. So even Wyze SD Cards are affected. I sent the card back and a new one has arrived at home but I’m anxious to even try to use it. I love this camera for what it can do but the 12 second cloud recording combined with this SD card issue is a major problem. I was going to buy several more and push these cameras to family and friends but not until this gets resolved.

I’m the one who started this thread, and unfortunately it’s been 5 months now, with no answers from WyzeCam. Pretty sad that the functionality of the cameras is essentially cut in 1/2 because of this problem.

You would think that the company would make solving this issue a priority, but instead it seems their more interested in creating new hardware versus making the existing cameras work correctly.

We’d recommend turning off the camera before removing or installing microSD cards as the procedure.

To everyone here, we apologize for the trouble and understand your frustration and concern. If you’re interested in sending us the Wyze Cams and microSD cards (with us sending you replacements though the cards would be Wyze microSD cards), we’d love to investigate them and see if we can figure out what happened to the cards. Cases where computers can’t read the cards would be especially important. If you are open to this, please fill out this form (https://support.wyzecam.com/hc/en-us/requests/new) and tell us about the problem, what devices you are using (camera and microSD card), and give us your shipping address. Once you send in the form, you will receive a reply email with a support ticket number. Please give that number to me so that I can follow up.

As a quick note, if the Wyze Cam isn’t recording to the microSD card or recognizing that the card is present, we recommend trying to format the card using the full format option on a computer. Wyze Cams only do quick formats so a computer can be useful in these cases.


Has this been fixed, yet? I have 4 new cards, but I don’t want to install them if they will be ruined . . .

As Gwendolyn stated, they are looking into it. Did you buy the Wyze cards or do you have a different brand?

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