WyzeCam "eating" micro SD cards?

I have bought many devices that limit their support to smaller capacity cards. But most work with larger.
From the Amazon ad:
“Wyze Cam Pan supports local storage of recordings to a microSD card (sold separately). Play back videos with your Wyze app to solve life’s mysteries.”
Doesn’t really say 32Gb limit.
Perhaps more effort should be put into advertising the limit
I’ve had varied success with 64GB cards, but I don’t trust them. My Wyze 32GB have been fairly rock solid, until i did an upgrade with them in the camera. But a reformat fixed that.

But I worked for years with a 640K memory limit. I’m pretty sure Wyze can break the fat limit.
But if I had to vote for either breaking the fat limit OR getting RTSP I’d vote for RTSP.

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Hear hear!

So it looks like I have the same problem…no SD card detected.

Tried restarting the camera, unplugging it and also
pulled out the SD card and tried to format It but my computer can’t even read it at this point.

please post the specs on your sd card and what you are trying to format it with (Windows quick format Windows regular format, iOS, or the special formatter by the SD card group, or other)

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This is the sd card I have been using, since purchased in July 2018

SanDisk Ultra 32GB microSDHC UHS-I Card with Adapter - 98MB/s U1 A1 - SDSQUAR-032G-GN6MA


I am unable to format it at all as it is unreadable in my Windows 10 PC

A second of the same SD card in my second Wyze Cam is still working fine

look into getting a for of endurance card. although the speeds are good for read write that particular card is not meant for continuous read/writes and using in such devices is known by the company and is mentioned in their warranty for the card that use in security cameras or dash cams ( continuous read write cameras) will actually void the warranty on the card.

here is a topic of members discussing what cards work best or worst in their experience.

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Thanks @Bam
Good to know.
I’m only using it for event recording but lots of movements being picked up by the front camera so maybe that falls under the category of continuous read/writes.

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Did anyone else catch that the Title on the official SD Assoc link for formatting SD cards has Association misspelled as SD Assoiciation…can we trust that this is legit?

It is legit. I’m not sure why that misspelling shows up on the forum link preview. The misspelling isn’t on the actual site linked to.

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Great! If I see a misspelling, I avoid it like the plague!


Definitely a good practice!


Is that wyzecam microsd pretty good though overall?

hello @pauly2, the official Wyze microSD card? If so then yes I have one and no issues at all.


Can you please also send me a copy of the instructions?

Instructions to do a full format on a computer? You can use this tool:

Official SD card formatter from the SD Card Association:

Note: If you are using a card larger than 32GB (not officially supported), you will need to use a different computer-based formatting tool because the official SD Card Association tool will not format a larger card as FAT32 as required by the Wyze Cams.

The issues seems to be more prevalent in the Pan cams. I have two Pan cams and both of the stop working after a week or two. They will just keep rebooting (?), turning back and forth as long as the microSD card is inserted. When I format the card in a computer it works again. I have not had one go completely dead yet.
Have not had the issue on the two Wyze cam v2 yet.
I suspect it has to do with the microSD card filling up and trying to overwrite the older video footage,

I’m planning on getting a camera from microcenter. I was looking through their microsd cards and found Micro Center 32GB microSDHC Card Class 10 Flash Memory Card with Adapter - Micro Center. Any reason this would be an issue more than anything else?

Hello @Wajo357, I wouldn’t expect you to run into any issues because the reviews on the card all seem solid but if you do run into an issues I would recommend buying a card directly from Wyze or go with Sandisk.


No problem :call_me_hand:t5: