WyzeCam 3 showing offline in main menu since last update

My WyzeCam 3 keeps showing offline in the main menu since last update, if I click the camera it brings up the live feed no issue but if I also go to device info to check for the FW version it tells me “camera offline”

I have tried restarting the cam, reinstalling the app and using multiple device still the same, see attached

Here is the other screenshot, apparently “new users” can only upload one attachment with original post?

Is this a bug because it’s not convenient at all.

Nevermind apparenly restarting my comcast modem, firewall, POE switch and my wireless AP did the trick; not sure why I had to restart all of my networking eq to get it to work though.

Nothing has changed in the past 6 months so I am not sure why the Cam3 was suffering an identity issue?