Wyze works with Alexa

Thank you for the reply can the skill be made available to the Amazon uk store please



can you please make this skill available to the UK store


Finally, after more than a month waiting for the firmware update, one of my Fire Sticks updated to version and I was able to show the video of one of my cameras. I can now use the voice remote that came with the Fire Stick and say “Show <Camera Name>” and after a 3-5 seconds see the video. This is the first time I’ve seen anyone report this capability working on a Fire Stick TV.

It doesn’t always work–I had to reset my Fire Stick after repeated failures, but it seems to work most of the time. Video seems good with no pixelation like my smart phone. Hopefully bugs will be ironed out and additional features will be added like playback but I can at least see the camera video on my HD TV.

Have any UK users managed to get this feature working?

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Hi Rick, Have you heard any updates on Wyze Cam integrations with Google Home or Chromecast?

I believe it will be the next integration release. But I have no idea when. You might want to sign up for the beta program to be first in line to see it.

I have 5 wyze cam v1, waiting to possibly buy a pan once Google Assistant gets integrated. Hopefully Soon!

Hello from Bangalore , India

Could you make the Wyze Skill available on the English (India) Alexa Skill App ?

I have 7 Wyze web Cam’s , the Echo show , Echo Spot the amazon Fire Stick and Amazon Fire TV

Amazon is aggressive in India .

Thank You


Hi there from Germany. Please make the Wyze Skill available on Amazon.de here. I’m not sure why it WOULDN’T just be available everywhere. Thank you!

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Hi @garryseto… I will preface by saying I’m not a Wyze employee, so I can only give you and educated guess…

Wyze Cams are (for now) only sold and supported in the USA. That is a business decision on Wyze’s part. I can only imagine that part of that decision involves not getting overextended in trying to support the product. Adding other regions would bring a whole host of additional demands on technical development and support staff (which is already stretched pretty thin right now). That is why I think they are not adding additional regions at this time. Again, only my educated guess.

I don’t know all of the reasons that we don’t have that set up for but I know that part of it is due to us not being an international company. I recommend that you vote for this over in the Roadmap section of the forum so that the team knows to consider/look into it. :slight_smile:


Thank you for your responses. I’m disappointed that I can’t access the Wyze cameras from my fancy new Echo Show 2nd gen… it was one of the primary reasons I got it! I’ll ask in the Roadmap section then.

Any plans to add the new sensor API to the Wyze Alexa skill? That way you can use a camera motion event as a trigger in an Alexa routine.

Hi @garryseto, To add to what’s been said, we would like to avoid pushing out features in territories where we cannot fully support yet since this can lead to bad customer experience. Specific to Alexa DE, we need to consider localization and make sure that service is available without delays. Doing so requires us to make sure that we are performing within acceptable delays, otherwise we will not get the necessary certification and approval from Amazon. There are other considerations that we need to think through but these are just some of them.

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I’m from India and Wyze skill is not available for Alexa India. Kindly make it available. I use the device to monitor my new-born with Echo Spot and it is extremely difficult without the skill.

See my reply here: Wyze Cam's in India : Extreme Conditions - #3 by Loki

Nope, no sign of the Alexa skill on my Amazon app,

Hi @marcoscu, unfortunately Alexa is only supported in the US and Canada. Please see the article below.


There’s also more information in this thread:

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Gd’day Mark, I guess there won’t be much localization support required for enabling the WYZE skill for India… Amazon works on English…I am sure you should have the data of how much users you have right now who is out of US… please do consider enabling this skill. I couldn’t use Google or Alexa to control my home light or camera…

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Streaming cameras only work on Amazon devices that have a screen and can display video. The Wyze skill works with all devices that are connected to your Wyze account, including devices shared by other Wyze users. By the way, anyone searching for payment gateway provider Dubai, Click here