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Battery power percentage only lasted for two days?

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Your question is a bit vague.
I’ll say; true.

Mine lasted one week. I’m really hoping that it lasted such a short period due to me viewing it a lot over the course of the week. Now that I have it dialed in I’m hoping to get at least a month.

Viewing-live streaming- or recording does accelerate battery drain greatly. On the test models I was able to get very long battery life. I just got the production release model and am starting to test it now.

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Having a bad day? :slight_smile:

I will second that but mileage does vary

I set up my new production model yesterday morning after a full 100% charge, inside in an area with moderate but some traffic to get a few detections but not excessive. Loaded the app on an extra device, set up streaming at 10:15 am and left it to continuously stream. No recording or time lapse set up at all. Checked the battery condition as follows:
10:15 am 100%
6:15 pm 55%
10pm 20% received notification of low battery
11 pm. 10% received second notification of low battery
About 11:20 I plugged the poor fellow back in at 7%.
I received a total of 4 event videos. One about an hour after I set it up(there was absolutely no visible motion), the other three when I walked up to the cam at the end and picked it up to plug it back in. There had been traffic all day in front of the cam.
Distance was set at 40, sensitivity to 65.
One day of battery life under constant viewing, without recording.

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This device is clearly not meant for constant viewing. Sounds to me like this product will not fit your specific needs.

Also, there are reports of events not triggering while you are viewing the live stream.

My recommendation would be to either return and find another product that better fits your needs, or try not live viewing and see if event recording and alerting might better fit your needs.

Same here, waited years for this to come out. Main router is in the upstairs master bedroom, only 30 feet from where I want to mount the outdoor camera…NO SIGNAL…Even though I have several V2’s models further away working fine without a “Base” station, did not like the idea of a base station. Anyway, It’s going BACK big time…Major Fail in my case.

This was not a complaint-just an objective performance review. I was an early tester on these and know what they will do. This was just a followup on my earlier post for general use.