Wyze Wired doorbell Firmware Beta Test 8/1/2022

Several attempts to connect using IOS beta app failed
After 4 or 4 attempts waved in front of doorbell.
Tapped reconnect it was slow to start but eventually connected with grainy image initially
A motion event was not recorded
Aug 10 10:36 EDT
Log 677370

Installed a week ago. No improvements on connecting to the camera from the app. Stuck on step 3/3.

Started to recognize that the camera would connect without issue between about 9PM and 7AM eastern time.

Night Vision was set to AUTO. I experimented with it this morning and I now can get the camera to connect if I toggle the NV settings between ON and OFF. The camera will connect and stay connected. But when I leave the camera and go back into home screen of the app and try to connect to the doorbell camera again it will fail. I have to go back into the settings for the doorbell camera and toggle IRNV between ON and OFF and it will immediately connect again.

My local sunrise and sunset are around 7AM and 9PM eastern time. Gets light outside around 7AM and pretty dark by 9PM. So maybe something going on with the NV ?

Like others can, I can also wave my hand in front of the camera and it will connect to the app again for a little while.

Camera functions as expected ( person detection, video capture, doorbell rings, sends notifications, etc.) but just cant connect live stream to the app reliably from about 7AM to 9PM eastern time.

Log submitted # 682925

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I have also found that if I put a box over the camera to block out light it will connect reliably with NV set to AUTO.

I have also found that if I set NV to ON it will connect reliably. However, the video stream is black and white.


ok, I finally get it. Wyze made a doorbell for vampires, no light.

Hello, I have the same problems too with connecting. Usually I have to restart the doorbell and it will work for a few hours. I do not have the night vision on or set to auto. It frustrates others in the house since they are always checking to see if someone has arrived and want to be ready before the person gets to the door.

Try turning on the night vision. Mine connects and works fine with night vision on. However, the view through the live camera is black and white.

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Tried turning on the night vision and still having this problem. It helped a little on the android phone. But didnt help on the iphone. Still frequently restarting the doorbell.

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