Wyze Webview triggers floodlight

When I login into the Wyze webview - all is ok - if I pick the floodlight camera it triggers the floodlight… is this by design? Is there a way to shutoff this behavior? Or should there be a button on the webview to manually trigger the floodlight?

Hello @pat.picciano, I would like to find out the answer to your question, but could you tell me if this is the original floodlight that is an attachment to the Wyze Cam v3, or is this the Wyze Cam Floodlight Pro?

Hello - it is the original Wyze Floodlight - works great - just noticed this issue when I wanted to look at the video feed, the light came one for no reason. I have repeated this and everytime I select the driveway floodlight camera it triggers the floodlight.

I will reach out to the team and see if this is intended by design or if there is a bug.