Wyze Webview : Development Response Requested

I’m w\ @Earl.Automation and @K6CCC here. Some expectation adjustment is in order.

Just because YOU don’t see fixes, improvements, requirements, etc. Doesn’t mean it isn’t being worked on… Unless, of course, you have some magical back door insight into the internal alpha model being tested on their private web server prior to public implementation. It just isn’t being developed fast enough for you with the features you want.

[Mod Edit] If you think you deserve to be regularly informed of the progress in developing this “Value Added Feature”, you are going to be sadly disappointed for a very long time.

[Mod Edit]

If you take a look at my post Hx, you will see that I am not at all shy about being critical of Wyze when Core Functionality is degraded by incomplete and faulty updates. BUT… This is NOT Core Functionality. It is a Value Added Feature.

The foundation of your position is that the Web View is a critical operational function of CamPlus and that without it, you aren’t getting what you are paying for in CamPlus. Faulty logic. This is an add-on after the fact that simply adds value to your already useful CamPlus subscription. Be grateful you don’t get charged extra for it.

CamPlus came out LONG before WebView. It still works like it was designed. That is what the app is for. And, WebView Beta is working. I can view my cams and my events. It just doesn’t have all the bells, whistles, features and enhancements you want. Perhaps a quick look at the age of some of the more popular items on the Wishlist will provide you with some perspective. Many are older than WebView itself. Are we entitled to those enhancements? Do we deserve to be updated on development and to know how many man hours Wyze is dedicating to meeting our demanding expectations?

No. That is not what the forum is for. This is a User Community Forum for users to correspond, exchange ideas, and help each other. This is not a Wyze Employee Messaging service.

One of the functions I do like about this Discord Forum Format is that users have the ability to delete their posts. It is quite useful. You should give it a shot.

EDIT: On second thought. Talk to the hand. :raised_hand: User Ignored.

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