Wyze Webview Beta Now Available! - 11/23/21

I am getting the same issue, events load, but live view just gets the spinning circle.
Also, is there a way to download event clips to a PC now instead of just on a device?

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I found that you have to turn the camera on first with the phone app and then the live web view will load. Agree, download from web view would be a nice feature.

PS You will have to reload the web view after you start the cam on the phone app.

Same here. Doorbell doesn’t want to load.

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Is this ever going to be available for the Wyze Cam Outdoor?

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Is this ever going to be available for the Wyze Cam Outdoor?

@graberd2003 Welcome to the Wyze community!

No, unfortunately it doesn’t look like it. :point_down:

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My outdoor cameras are plugged in at all times so if the power goes out it still operate, I believe it should be the available but just to let the owner of the camera be aware that it will use up more battery power if they choose to have it unplugged. The whole reason why I went to these cameras is that they had a battery in case the power went out they still operate and record as my internet and router are all on battery backups

FYI Keeping wyze outdoor cam connected to power voids their warranty

Just tried it. Here’s my initial feedback.

I have five Wyze Cam v3s and 1 Wyze Cam Outdoor. I have Cam Plus on all cams. All updated firmware.

4 of my 5 Wyze Cam v3s show video, one shows a black screen (but with controls bars, so it’s like it’s connected).

The Wyze Outdoor Cam shows the message “Live stream is not supported on this camera. Learn More”. Learn more tells me I have to have Cam Plus (I do) but the supported devices are the Cam v2, Cam v3 and the Pan Cam - so not the Outdoor Cam?

As a beta, I’m sure it will get better.

Then why does Wyze sell a solar panel? The solar panel charges the Outdoor Cam.

Excellent question. Maybe @WyzeGwendolyn could shed some light on the issue. However I bet there’s already a thread on the forum about it

Once you open the rubber flap on the back of the WCO to connect power there is no weather resistant connection, the solar panel comes with a weather resistant connector on the end of it’s cable to plug into the back of the WCO that seals up the opening.

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I’ve been waiting for this for literally years. I know many of you have as well. That said, I’m not paying for Cam Plus to use something that I believe should be a free feature.

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I agree that it’s unfortunate that WYZE isn’t offering this w/o a cam plus subscription for each camera. That wasn’t the suggestion earlier on when I purchased my setup. WYZE took forever to finally fix the issue with google home hubs and the doorbell still isn’t supported

same here

I just want to report that the new web access page works great. I am pleased by the addition of this long-desired feature.
It might be good to mention that it works in Windows, Mac, Chromebook AND LINUX. The browser doesn’t care what your OS is.


I’m sorry, this is a great feature and one I’ve been hoping for , but atm:
1/ Can’t login in most of the time, get error massages in Safari and Chrome -

<error_description>Full authentication is required to access this resource</error_description>


2/ When I can log in, I don’t get a camera image let alone livestream!

So hard to provide anything constructive at the moment!

Would be nice if it worked. No matter what I do I can’t make the live stream work. I am on a Mac computer with fast internet connection. Using Firefox newest version. I have subscribed to CAM Plus. I have 8 cameras from version V2 to V3. I did however manage to make one of the cameras work on Google Chrome. I really have no idea why the live stream won’t work using Firefox?

I can’t get any views on my cameras using Firefox. I can only get the live view to work using Google Chrome.

That explains why it worked fine for me-- I was using Chrome in the first place.
I had the same problem with Firefox with the Amazon Coundcam, many months ago. It was a while before Firefox fixed it. The two browsers seem to have different protocols for handling certain kinds of live video.
A couple of updates later Firefox started working on Cloudcam live views. One might think it would also work with Wyze, but perhaps the two aren’t configured the same.
I have 3 v2’s and a v3, and all 4 display with Chrome. They seem a little slow to load, but not bad.