Wyze website login issues


I’m trying to login into my account on the wyze website , i go through the verification login by texting a code to my number and the number never gets sent to me .

Been trying all evening , and no fix. Any help here , would love to sign in and buy a cam plus license for one of my cameras ://

This is the website

Were you able to get this resolved?

Try taking your phone off of WiFi and utilize LTE only and see if you can get the code

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Just out of curiosity, which Authenticator did you ultimately decide on using?

The nice thing about authenticator apps is that they will continue to work correctly even if there is no signal/service on the phone, while SMS won’t come in without good service. So a big bonus there.

I didn’t end up using an authenticator app. I waited a day after and I finally started to receive the text messages

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:+1: As long as you got it working for you, that’s good to hear.