Wyze website is slow to update

So I put in an order for a room sensor and spotlight kits

Today I received 1 of those items but when I go to track both orders I get this screen, even for the one that got delivered today.

For both orders . Still hasn’t shown anything

Not sure if it’s on Wyze’s end or the carriers…

What do you get when you look on your app at purchases

On the wyze app? I don’t think theirs a purchase history on their

Are you talking about in the IOS settings ?

Wyze app Home > Shop (tab at bottom) > Orders (button at top)


Oh I didn’t know this thanks

I seem to be running into an issue , when I click on the order and track shipment it kicks me out of the app …

If you are clicking Track Order from the Orders page in the Wyze app, you are taken out of the Wyze app and directed to the carrier’s tracking website. I’m not seeing any issue with this for FedEx and UPS tracking. You can always enter the tracking number directly on the carrier’s tracking web page. If your issue is that you have a tracking number from Wyze that isn’t working, please report this issue to Wyze Customer Service.