Wyze Web View - Support for Wyze Cam Outdoor (WCO)

A workaround for now is installing Bluestacks on your PC. It’s an Android emulator that you will be able to install the Wyze app on just like your phone

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And if using a ChromeOS device- should be able to install Android version also.
Haven’t tried that but worth a try.
Also, your suggestion for Win devices- exc I think Bluestacks is on the list for needing 8Gb ram to run under Win10/11.

I am adding my vote / request to add support for the wireless outdoor cams in web view. I have a total of 12 cameras and 5 of them are outdoor type, All of them have the solar panel. Without being able to view these cams on web view, web view is totally useless to me. I am using IOS.


Just added 2 additional outdoor cams. Allowing the outdoor cams to be viewed thru the web-browser only gives more incentive for me to subscribe to cam plus pro. Otherwise I’d be content looking at camera for live view on my phone. I’ll restate what others have… battery life is not an issue. Just got two solar panels for the camera’s and have been pleasantly surprised how well they work.

Not sure what the firm ware issue is or business model for not including outdoor cams in live browser.

My two cents that may be worth only one.


Agreed! I’ll deal with any battery issues. I would absolutely love the option to have the Outdoor cam v2 supported on web view. Because I sit at a desktop computer, the convenience of seeing what the dogs are doing outside on my 3rd monitor would be so helpful!


Outdoor V2 support with live web stream

I would love to have the outdoor cam supported by the online live stream. I did not know that it wasn’t when I purchased or I might not have. It works on my phone but I don’t always use my phone. It would be nice if Wyze made the web version similar to the phone version, with all cameras supported.

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Wyze, please allow outdoor cameras via web view and let us deal with battery life ourselves. I bought the camera to view via web, having missed the fine print that outdoor cam is not supported.


All too clear, now, that the WCO is The Red-Headed… Like so many other things / events in this crazy world, you clearly get what you pay / ask for. Better solutions to this particular issue are readily available. Wyze certainly runs a lovely little community (forum), but should I desire camaraderie I’m heading uptown to drink where (like when) I used to. (Smiley Here)


It would be good to have webview for the WCO for emergency situations where you need to view and your phone’s app is not available.