Wyze Web View Enhancements

Yes I know Web View is still in Beta but -

Add Feedback button to the page for comments and problem reporting.

Automatically show live feed instead of having to click on the “play” button.

Capability of creating groups with overlapping cameras. Cams in one group cannot be added to a second group.

Capability of moving camera views around on the screen.

Capability of resizing camera windows to fit the screen. Auto sizing feature would be most helpful. Have three cams. Two are side by side and the 3rd one is only halfway on the screen. 1st camera should be in the upper left corner of the screen.

No way to exit from full screen mode. ESC doesn’t work and no “back” button.

Back arrow doesn’t work to exit from viewing an Event. Hopefully fast forward and speed selection will be possible like slowing videos down.

SD card access would be helpful.

Capability to save videos to hard drive from both Events and SD card.

Capability of removing non-Cam Plus cameras from the screen.

Needing to logon again after a certain period of time is annoying! The Wyze app doesn’t make us do this.


Agree with the last one. The timeout is very short and if you have two factor authentication takes a bit to get logged back in. At least give am option to trust the device to bypass 2 factor


100% agree on 2FA issue!

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@WyzeGwendolyn Please help us

Hey all WyzeGwendolyn is out of the office for a bit.

There is a few loose requests that fall in line of your enhancement requests in the wishlist thread, but best way for your enhancements/requests to be seen is here

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And to help any discussion be seen, it is best to post it in the announcement thread.

But yes, Gwen will be out for a few weeks.


Let’s try to call for @WyzeJasonJ instead then :smiley:

You called? I have read through the conversation an d Web View is currently in beta so they are continually working on it. The 2FA and timeout issues have been brought up to the team.


I would like to have the ability to right click, save a snapshot and/or the full Video while in Web View.

Also having the WCO’s available in Live View has no value:

Especially when you have eight WCO’s:


Has there been any changes to Web View since it was initially rolled out? I don’t recall seeing any updates/changes since the first rollout.

Will Web View ever support Firefox?

I still think that the Web Interface should have the same functionality as the App on my iPhone/IPad/Android Device.


I made, for personal usage, a chrome extension with a few features, including:

  • stay logged in or relog if fail,
  • ability to move, resize, remove camera,
  • ability to add non wyze camera (temporary, it doesn’t save, RSTP only)
  • ability to take snapshot and record video
    If you/other might like this, I can polish it up and release it on the chrome extension store. I’m just not sure how wyze would react to it, I don’t want my ass getting sued or anything xD

I kind of like that idea, i will pass it along

I would tend to agree also, as long as they are not supported leave them off and free up real estate.

I believe there has been but I am unsure what. I will see what I can find out

I hope so, many people use it. What is the current problem when you try to use Firefolx?

I am not sure what the end goal of WebView is but I can see where that would be handy


Yes a screen capture feature would be nice but you can save a snapshot. Go to full screen, press Print Screen and paste it into another program and save it.

Live view of supported camera’s just 'spin"



That lets me know that they know about the issue. I will see if I can track down where they are with a resolution

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I’d be happy to try your extension!


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Whenever visting view.wyze.com it always shows the site, shows a little “redirecting to login page”, then shows the site again, even if your already logged in.

Not a problem, but when your fixing the login stuff mentioned above that process could probably be streamlined.

Especially when you have slow internet like myself.

I actually gave up on the chrome extension (I could still release it but won’t update further)
There is simply too many limitation. I instead started to reverse my wyze cameras, and I am building a mobile/web app for full control. I even managed to set up a rules system so I can code more actions than they allow. The only downside is that it’s all done locally and not cloud. I’ll post more about this soon!

Sounds awesome! there is an unoficial wyze api on github that you could use as a resource for your project. Keep me updated :grinning:

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