Wyze Web View - download/delete videos (selected & all)

PLEASE allow downloading of event videos all at once

Please implement the ability to log on to your website and bulk-download any and all of my video event files. I know I can download them to my phone, or email them to myself, but that can only be done one at a time while I’m viewing the video. This could take many hours, when it should take just a few minutes.

Log on to your website, present my credentials, do the two-factor thing, then go to an “Account” page and click on as many of my stored videos as needed, and download them to my computer. This is a very basic thing that websites do, and will save us a lot of time and help keep us from getting bitten by the 14-day rule.

Please do this, and please don’t deprioritize it into Maybe Later where it will languish, never to see the light of day.

This should be very easy and quick.



Please vote for this if you haven’t already. It’s been sitting in Maybe Later for almost a year and a half (OK, not two years as I previously said) and really needs some action. Thanks…

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Would love the ability to delete events and download events from my PC/Macbook.
Also, ability to batch delete or batch download (entire days worth of events) from my PC/Macbook.

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I’m about to use 6 Wyze cameras for a research project. It would save me hours (lots of hours) of labor if I could delete and download events from the website (not just my phone). Any progress with this? Much thanks!!

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