Wyze Web View - download/delete videos (selected & all)

Now that the Web View is in beta, please add the ability to download the event videos. Thanks!

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Agreed. I would love to see it able to mark multiple videos for download to my computer… not just the phone or tablet. My other security cameras have this feature and it helps so much.


I am now able to download event videos directly to my computer, but only those triggered by Sound events. Why is the same capability not available for Motion triggered events?

Welcome to the Wyze community knowHow. Web VIew is in early beta testing. As a beta product, Web View is a work in progress… i.e., it’s not a finished product.

Web view was released the end of Nov 2018, so how is it still considered early beta in Dec 2021?

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Web View was announced for public beta consumption on November 23, 2021.

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Why is it that sound triggered event videos are available for download through Webview, but motion triggered event videos are NOT able to be downloaded through Webview?

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Web VIew is in early beta testing. As a beta product, Web View is a work in progress… i.e., it’s not a finished product.

My bad, I read the 2018 on the page as the post date.
I do find it of no use in its present state. Having to log in every time the page refreshes makes it a non-starter.

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I agree and I don’t use it in its current state. I need continuous monitoring and the ability to tailor my view to specific cams. It will get there… no idea when though. Until then, I’m using repurposed Android tablets displaying cam groups in landscape mode.

I have gotten web view to stay connected a little better by using a Chrome extension called Always Active Window. If I do not diminish the page, I can come back to it and do not need to log in. I onlly use Chrome for this purpose, I use Firefox for all other browser needs. Also, I am on Linux Mint Mate, so I do not know how well this will work on Windows.

I am in the middle of moving, so will not be trying RTSP firmware for a while.

Thanks for the tips.


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It’s now been quite a while since I reported this, but the problem still persists. It seems like such a trivial change would be needed to make the behavior consistent between whether the recording was triggered by sound or motion. It’s gotta be one flag that is set on the file…

If there is a specific reason why videos cannot be downloaded (in web View only) if they were motion triggered I would certainly like to know what that is. Otherwise someone was just being sloppy in the implementation.

This is a Wishlist topic. I.e., we are asking Wyze to implement this feature. It is not a bug/issue to report as the feature doesn’t exist. Web View is not even a 1st stage finished product. Features for beta products are rolled out with no notice. We (users) don’t have access to what Wyze has planned for Web View. Perhaps @WyzeJasonJ can obtain an answer for you.

My Wyze Cam v3 watches my driveway and a good portion of our cul-de-sac. It captures videos of people walking by, cars turning around in the cul-de-sac, the trash truck picking up our trash, and a variety of other activities. Once in a while, an event occurs that I wish to download to my computer. So far, this is only done in two ways:

  1. tap the video clip on my Android phone and download the clip to my phone.
  2. Remove the SD card from the camera and download its contents to my computer.
    Number 2 is impractical, because the camera is mounted on my house, 10 feet up from the ground above my garage. I need to get out an 8’ step ladder, climb up and greatly disturb the camera’s mounting position to get the SD card out. Also, I have the SD card receiving continuous streaming, so finding a triggered event on it is very tedious.
    Number 1 does grab the video clip, but it downloads it onto my Android phone memory where it is rather tedious to find it and download it to my computer. The easiest way seems to be to hit the share button and copy it to DropBox or some other cloud storage service that I can access from my computer. Then, when I get it, the file format is strange. There is no identifying suffix, like .MP4, .AVI, etc. It is just a big ugly hexadecimal number like: 9cfd7593-0091-46f6-bc27-a094108f7ab0. On my computer, I have to guess at what application to use to open it. I happen to have some video utilities that I can use to convert it to .AVI, or other known formats, but lot of people probably don’t have such applications.

I did find an easier way to grab a video clip. I play the clip using the beta version of Live stream - Wyze… that very nicely plays the clip on my Windows computer. Then, I use Techsmith Snagit to record the video as it plays, and it stores it nicely as a .MP4 file on my computer. But a lot of people probably don’t have that program either.

My wish is that the Wyze web view service be extended to provide a button to download the clip to my computer in a known format with the appropriate file tag, such as .mp4.

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Good idea. A free screen recorder is OBS, people could do the same thing - capture the video as it plays in the browser.

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Why not make it available to Cam Plus Lite as well ? ( Perhaps money, money, money, that’s why not)

The ability to download videos from the website/app directly on your PC would be very convenient, allows more free space for your mobile devices and better managing/organizing of videos. It would also make it less of a hassle to put them on a portable hard drive if needed. Thoughts?

I don’t think that fits the Wyze business model? They want to maintain control of all the output from your camera. You can not even use the camera unless it first makes a connection to the Wyze servers.

The best option would be to download from an onboard SD card on the camera, as that would not require the files to be sent across the internet.

I have found numerous times when the cameras miss an event and do not record to the server or notify me of the event. If we could offload the SD card content, there are many ways to review the files for missed events or to see an event that occurred that was not noticed or happened in the past.

I don’t think this will ever happen as it does not fit with the Wyze pattern of controlling the camera files, so they can make money giving us access to them.

These cameras are just something we buy so Wyze can sell us the videos.


I still would like to be able to directly download my videos from the web portal, for many of the same reasons others have mentioned. I want these videos on my computer. Better viewing, backup and ability to archive on a hard drive. The only path is still to download to my phone and then copy OFF of my phone to my computer. Usually this involves uploading FROM my phone to some intermediate storage, and then AGAIN downloading the video, this time to my computer.

This has NOTHING to do with a Wyze business model to sell us videos as a previous poster mentioned. It is simply a much more EFFICIENT way to download our EXISTING videos.

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