Wyze web live stream

Would like cam v2 outdoor to support livestream. Don’t understand why all other versions are supported.

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The battery powered cameras are massively crippled to preserve battery life. I assume this is related. Live streaming is a battery hog.


There is another thread on this topic talking about the reasons (battery life). However, there was some push (I think) to allow it if you have a solar panel attached. Check out this WishList item: Wyze Web View - Support for Wyze Cam Outdoor (WCO) - #11 by billonthehil

I have multiple outdoor cams/ floodlights & Solar, and doorbells and cannot watch n Web View???
That sucks, why not on the doorbells as they are fully powered by house transformer??? and outdoor cameras on solar cells or outdoor flood lights??? Thought all were covered by CamPlus Pro???WTH!!!

The issue with the doorbells in Web live view is because they do not have the same image aspect ratio as the other cams and will not fit into the same programmed real estate on the web page as the other cams. It is the same problem they had when trying to show the doorbells in the HMS feed. Their fix for that caused problems with the thumbnail and the detection zone of the VDBv1.

Well that just sux, i was hoping to get all the cams on one gui,
looks like I have to do it right and get a bunch of real IP cams and string some cat5…
Thanks :slight_smile:

Yeppers. It does suck. But, like the battery restriction on the WCO, it is a current hurdle that needs to be resourced to be fixed. Since the Web View is currently a cost liability and not a revenue generator, it is most likely not a development resource priority. :disappointed:

Have you considered TinyCam? I stream all my Wyze cams with it… Even the doorbell. (But I don’t have any WCO).

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Does TinyCam work for iPhone yet? I downloaded the App awhile and, and could find no way to access Wyze? I’ve been using the Nox emulator, but I need to figure how to use WSA on Win11 if I cannot get TinyCam to work (and do you need the Pro version?)

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