Wyze watch menstrual app? Why can't we add or remove apps from clock face? Should have been part of initial launch.. what if you're a guy and don't have menstrual cycles?

Wyze watch menstrual app? Why can’t we add or remove apps from clock face??? Should have been part of initial launch… what if you’re a guy and don’t have menstrual cycles???

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Vote… Wyze Watch: allow ability to customize apps

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Just curious…has ANY change on ANY product ever been implemented as a result of these wish lists?

Yes, they have added several requests

What have they added?

Go do some research…

Start here How to Read the Roadmap

I’ll give you 1 example

Hi Ken… Omj…

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Haha, someone found me lol… Hi Doug :grin:

Ya I thought that was a strange app to not have customizable.

This may be a defensive app! Keep track of others so you know when to be careful!



This will help

Wow that is so carefully worded for today’s world…

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I just updated my watch. The menstrual app is gone…but I am a girl. I guess they used my age (56) to decide I don’t need the app anymore???


interesting, I changed mine to female & got the app back then changed age to 61 and the app is still there

I do not see the menstrual app anywhere. Maybe I should arrange to trade watches with one of the guys on this thread. :grin:

I disappeared on my watch but I’m fourteen? I don’t know why it would disappear?