Wyze Watch - Available NOW at Microcenter, still waiting for my pre-order

For those of you who, like me, pre-ordered a Wyze Watch in December and are STILL waiting for it just wander into your local Micro Center and you can buy one off the shelf. As of this morning the MIcro Center in Overland Park has 25+ in stock, as does the Denver store, the Dallas store, etc.

Actions speak louder than words, and Wyze’s actions shows what they really think of us suckers that pre-order. So much for loyalty towards Wyze supporters.

For $30.

Ordered two watches and special bands on December 1st.
Order status has been “in packing” for weeks since they announced the last of the orders would be shipped early April.

Was planning on comparing Wyze Watch with Amazfit line of watches and Mi Band 5. I was really looking forward to testing compatibility with all my other Wyze products but if it’s already in stores guess they can just try it themselves and return them to brick and mortars. No use in editing videos that won’t get any visibility