Wyze Watch - Application UI Improvements

When using the wyze app to configure the watch, can the following two areas be improved?

  • Weather Location Selection - When not using “Set Location Automatically”, I would like to search by zip code. Also, I would like to see the state always included in the list.

  • List of Applications - When choosing other applications to receive notifications, can that list be sorted alphabetically? Not sure what order they are in, seems random.

That’s it for now, for the most part my other wishlist items are covered by other topics.

I go to the Wyze app, when I want to turn on/off notifications for my watch, can those apps be listed in alphabetical order so its easier to find?

[Mod Edit]: Your post was moved to this category since it involves a question and not a request for a Product or Service enhancement by Wyze.

Welcome sbeach_72. The list of notifications is not under the control of the Wyze app, the list is as provided/displayed by your phone/tablet’s operating system.

The list of apps that I chose for notifications are in the Wyze app. Please see screenshot from the watch wyze app.

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My mistake and thank you for the screenshot! thumbsup2 Will find the existing request and merge…

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