Wyze Watch and Band - Notification Management Enhancements

Having previously used a Fitbit I became very used to being able to modify notifications for each application installed on my phone. Currently Wyze only has a preinstalled list of applications in which you can individually modify the notifications for, most of which are not installed on my phone, and then a generic “Other applications” for everything else. The Wyze app should read the current applications installed on the phone and then have individual notifications for each app. If IOS does not allow it to be read by default then the option to ‘Add’ apps for notifications should be added.

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Wyze Watch Nofitifcations for Each App

Ok, hope this isn’t a duplicate, but I couldn’t find another similar request. It would be nice if the Wyze app could register the apps on your phone that are sending notifications to the phone, then add them to the list of available apps to turn on watch notifications for. I have apps that I would like notifications for on my watch, but they aren’t specifically listed, and notifications for basically every app on my phone that isn’t specifically listed is giving me overload.