Wyze Watch: add steps/data/battery/other item to clock faces including Military time

Having a custom clock face with your own face is great but all you get is the photo & time. We need more usual functions like the other included clock faces have.

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I was really hoping to replace my Casio with this watch, but they’ve been in the watch business a long time and have the time concept down. Can we get a simple watch face that has the full Day and Date like Sat 03/27/21 and full digital time hh:mm:ss with AM/PM indicator? Not asking for anything complicated. There is plenty of real-estate to make it large enough to be readable at a glance. You could even throw in an alarm is set indicator, or not.

hh:mm:ss AM/PM



I just received my Watch 47 yesterday and like it a lot. I wanted to send a few suggestions that I think would take it from good to great. There are a few interesting watch faces, but many waste a lot of screen space with decorative images rather than displaying information. Would it be possible to add a few more utilitarian oriented faces? Perhaps one that has HH:MM:SS along with the MONTH/DAY in as large characters as possible, with a small 4-segment battery symbol so that we can see the state of charge. For frequent travelers, it would also be great to have a face that supports 12/24 hour mode and an alternate time zone. Thanks for considering these suggestions!


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Two of the three watch faces are just kinda odd looking to me. The one analog face has no numbers. I think if you add an analog face with numbers and a standard digital face like 10:32pm you would attract more buyers. Could you add it to a future update. I do love all the neat features. Thanks


Can military time be added.


There are many different watch faces in the Wyze app for the watch

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Open the Wyze app, tap the watch, then tap edit towards the top. There are quite a few different faces and some you can customize with your own pictures. That being said I would like to see some different faces as I don’t care for many of the ones one there.


The available watch faces are mostly hideous. A couple are ok. None are good.


I agree. And for gosh sake, please remove that stupid leading zero. It’s not and never will be 03:25pm or 08:30pm or 01:45pm. Lose the leading zero.


The watch screen timeout is too short for me. Please add option to increase it.


So I got my watch and I see one of the items I want on the wish list the media controls that would be a huge boon for us.

The first wish list item I want is the ability to design my own watch face screens, I don’t know what this move is to double lines to display a single line of time but as a gen xer I hate it.


I would like simple default face large font like this.

All other faces in app look like someone drew it in MS Paint 20min before app release.

At least as someone suggested above… Photo face with centered time and date and custom fonts…


Add an option to not display the leading zero on AM times. For example, 9 AM should read 9:00, not 09:00.


But… they’re all crap. The analogs have no numbers; the digital faces are all oddly colored right out of the 80’s or the time is in a ridiculous square 2x2 format. Really all I want in an everyday face is time, date, and maybe a tidbit of weather. Using a custom pic is ok, but there’s 47mm of wasted screen that could be telling me something.


YES. THIS. This is great. You get something similar if you remove the 3 loaded faces, but this is ideal. Give me one more row for a very minimal amount weather (or maybe health data, like ‘steps’), and I’ll be a happy boy.


I am especially annoyed by the leading zero. If it was 24-hour time format, that would be ok. But that’s not what I am using. Even if the leading zero only appeared in the AM, that would be better. I think its there to fill out the obnoxious watch faces with the 2x2 square time display.