Wyze Watch 47 - Wyze app not storing notification settings, inaccurate sensors

I have had my watch not for over a week and when I initially setup the watch all seemed good. I was getting notifications from my cameras, messages, email, etc. NOW all of the sudden, I am not getting any notifications from anything. I went to the wyze app and set and reset several times. Everytime I go to the settings, notification has turned itself off. So I turn them back on and go to other apps and set those. Exit the app and nothing. I go back and the notifications is turned off. What’s the deal. Has anyone else had this issue. I won’t even get into the sensor issues at this point. O2 registers high as well as the heart rate when compared to my 02/heart rate meter. Beginning to think this is just another geegaw item. I do have a wish for this watch and that is to add sound for the alarms and tap to wake feature.

I have the same problem with the notification button constantly stopping. They need to create a SAVE SETTINGS button. My cell is samsung galaxy j7 crown.