Wyze Watch 47 SPo2 error

The longer I have this Wyze Watch 47, the more frequent SPo2 fails to read. First thing in the morning I check and about half the time it doesn’t read. I also read before, during, and after workouts. I should say I try to read…. Before workout I can typically get a reading, sometimes after multiple attempts. I haven’t yet been able to get a reading during or within 5 minutes of a workout. I have made sure to wipe any sweat off of the sensor and off my wrist. I have also tightened the strap. I have resorted to using a finger sensor, but that doesn’t log my history. Having asthma, I use the data to communicate with my doctor on how well it is managed through activity and response to inhaler use. When the Wyze Watch 47 first came out, I was right on it and backed right away. I like the basic functionality as a watch with some basic notification features, but the heart and SPo2 tracking was the kicker. Any help would be greatly appreciated.