Wyze Watch 47 Sensor (Heart/O2) Issue

I just received & setup my Wyze Watch 47 today. After setup, which was smooth, I’m impressed! However, I have an issue where the Heart Rate Monitor and Blood Oxygen Sensors are not working properly. Ironically, I think it may be attributed to my tattoos.

Both of my arms are sleeved up to my wrist. If I slid the watch down toward my hand off the tattooed portion of my arm, the sensors work fine on either arm. If I slide it back up to it’s normal position, which is over tattooed skin, the sensors error and tell me to “Wear my watch and try again”.

Can anyone else confirm this? This doesn’t happen with my wife’s Apple Watch, or my old Gear S2 (for Heart Monitor). It’s an odd inconvenience, I can still use the sensors. I just have to leave the watch on loose enough to slide down towards my hand. Certainly not preferred, but I can live with it considering the absurd price-to-value of the watch.

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This is most likely not an isolated issue, but it may very by user. I searched around and it seems people reported this issue for other brands like Apple, FitBit and Samsung. I’m not sure if this could be fixed by firmware.