Wyze Watch 47 Notification Icon


I recently picked up a Wyze Watch 47 and had two questions regarding notifications.

  1. Is there any type of notification indicator that should be on the watch face that lets you know you have unread or unactioned notifications? When I get a notification, it shows up on the watch screen for a certain period of time before it goes back to the watch face. After that, unless I swipe down from the top, I do not see any other way to know that you have unread or unactioned notifications. I am thinking that if I take my watch off while doing something and get a notification before putting it back on, I would not know anything new had came through.

  2. Is there a way to clear notifications aside from the trash can at the top when you swipe down that clears all notifications? Seems like you should be able to swipe each notification individually to remove it but that does not appear to work.


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What’s strange is that the Watch 44 has a red dot on the top left of the screen to indicate that there’s unread notifications on it.

That is interesting. I am wondering why that is not part of the 47. I know they are two different watches but something like that seems like it would be a standard thing.