Wyze Watch 47 continually dropping connectivity with WIFI

Having just received my Wyze Watch 47 a few days ago, I have yet to experience it staying connected to my home WIFI. It will drop the connection constantly throughout the day. Signal strength is not the issue. I am using an Iphone SE2020 and have had zero connectivity issues with my Wyze Band. It works great including Alexa voice control of devices which is a really cool feature. I was also disappointed to find that this voice feature was missing from Wyze Watch. I would have thought the next generation Wyze watch would carry forward all former features that were on the Wyze Band. I have tried everything with the Wyze Watch, including deleting/adding devices, apps, restarts, etc. Am I just unlucky or do others using Iphones have this issue?

Maybe this will help

The firmware update appears to have resolved my connectivity issues. Thanks!