Wyze Watch 47 Bad Battery After Update

When I first got my wyze watch 47, Battery lasted 10 days. 10 DAYS! After the first major firmware update they pushed, I’m lucky to get half that now.

Heartrate monitoring is off.
Rise to wake is on for half the day (7:30 to 7:30)

Has anyone else experienced this? I haven’t tried a factory reset yet. Didn’t want to bother if this was a known issue since a reset would then be moot.

Absolutely, having the same problem. I now might get three days top. Not happy.

Also are you have issues trying to charge the watch. The two outer pins on the watch get rusty from sweat.

I had the same problem but I read on a site (reddit or Quora) that the firmware update caused the problem with the Raise to Wake feature. I turned this off three days ago and the battery is at 89%!!! I expect the battery to be good >14 days. (The only thing I use the watch for are for email, message, and phone notifications and pedometer - Pixel 5.) I don’t need to see the time and when I do I just press the button. It also seems to help with the unstable connectivity issue I was having. I am happy now!!!

I hope Wyze is monitoring these forums and figures out how to fix this issue but for now turning off Raise to Wake is the answer.