Wyze Watch 44mm & 47mm Firmware Beta Test 5/3/2021

I was just wondering why there are no option to buy or be notified on the store and I could not find, anywhere, the specifications of the 44mm.

Good question. @WyzeGwendolyn , Wyze Watch 44 does not exist on the store front. Is Wyze continuing with this product. Questions are being asked in forums about this. Any insight would be appreciated.


WYZE deceived it’s supporters by pushing out new products without focusing on basic QA/QC on products manufactured in China while becoming lazy with testing the firmware and features offered by their competitors at the same price point. Their $20 WYZE Watch is less functional than their Watch Band that includes Alexa capabilities. What total BS watch from WYZE!! Stop praising a $20 POS!!

I hope they can fix all the bugs with Watch 44. I just filed a support ticket since it is suddenly resetting itself in the evenings after three weeks of never having that issue. I’ll be happy with stable firmware since I mainly use mine for a watch, notifications, and phone calls.

dunno. I had a band for a year and it was fine but the tap to wake constantly activated alexa and I can count on my hands the number of times I actually used the alexa integration. I’m finding the 47 is meeting my needs quite well and eliminates the parts I found annoying with the band.

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I personally have no issues with my Watch 47. I had a band also and did not even use the Alexa Integration. Wyze never promised that the watch would have Alexa integration, check out the details page.

Your opinion is yours and something you should be able to express. However, I am of the opposite opinion, it has delivered on everything they promised with the exception of the Gmail integration and displaying the body of the email. But not sure it actually indicated you would see the body of the email. I expect this will be changed in a future FW update.

No deception at all from my standpoint and find the 47 very functional.

Lack of Alexa integration is a huge oversight by WYZE. All of their video cameras have this feature and not having the same feature on the Wyze Watch is inexcusable especially if the older WYZE watch has it built in. How else can you use the watch to control other WYZE devices?

For what it’s worth, I use my Watch 47 to control my Wyze smart plugs, through the “Shortcuts” in the Wyze app.


You can use the Wyze Shortcuts to control other Wyze devices. Those work well. If that is a deal breaker for you, then don’t buy one. But why complain about it when it was not promised or mentioned. It does what was promised, and I for one purchased it with the understanding of what it was and did. I have a TIC Watch as well. That is now in the box as the Wyze did what I needed it to do.

Hopefully, everyone does their research before purchasing and makes an educated decision on to buy or not. But to Bash Wyze for not including something that was not promised or indicated would be there, is a bit puzzling. But as I mentioned, you have the right to voice your opinion.

As stated earlier, I have no regrets or issues with this purchase.

Mine does the same - My watch 47 vibrates once 2 hrs before the time set for the alarm and then again 30 minutes prior to the alarm. Is there a way of turning this off? I only want it to vibrate on the time the alarm is set.

Looking at my Wyze app on Account → Firmware update I can see all my devices with the exception of my Wyze Watch 44mm. One more reason to believe that Wyze is giving up with no explanation about why, I’m afraid this 44mm is the watch version of the Wyze sensor (V1) that was just build wrong and they are going to let fade away.

Maybe not. They have just released a Beta Update for it.

Yeah, the 0.3.90 FW made a significant difference in my wife’s happiness with her Watch 44. Particulary the “raise to wake” and the “light up when receiving notifications”. Puts it a little bit more on par with my Watch 47.

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I’m not seeing the firmware. My Watch 44 is on 0.3.68, and there is no option to upgrade it. My app is at 2.2.50.

Go here and make sure you select Wzt 44 from the list:

  • Start the App
  • Go to Account
  • Go to About
  • Tap on Beta Program
  • Tap on Edit
  • Scroll down and select Watch 44 from the list
  • Tap on Save
  • go to FW Update in the Account area and see if the FW update is there.


Go to the Watch, Device Info and Firmware to see if it triggers the update.

Ah, that helped. I never had to do that with other devices, but I just had to manually add the watch and the outdoor plug.

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Glad it worked out.

Sorry, mine is a 47 and has different levels of firmware. When you check the firmware in the app, it will indicate if an update is available. The app version seems to update with the Wyze app updates. My 47 firmware is 0.12.43. Believe I have seen 2 updates. My app is at 1.0.41a.

Even with the new firmware (44mm) the alarm is going off at the wrong time, now mine is 1h off, only for 1 of my 5 alarms.

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