Wyze Video Doorbell Pro & Cam Outdoor Base Station Firmware Beta Test 9/18/2023

Wyze Video Doorbell Pro:

Version: 1.0.77

What’s New:

  • Fixed a time sync and token bug

Wyze Cam Outdoor Base Station:


What’s New:

  • Added support for user-controlled automatic updates

Updated 2 WCO base stations via bulk update, 1 via the pop-up and 1 via the Device Info > Firmware Version page. All updates went quickly with no issue and associated WCO cams reconnected after updates and are working well.

But I don’t see the “Added support for user-controlled automatic updates” toggle on the Update Firmware page like Cam v3 and Cam v3 Pro. I assume we need an associated app update for this feature.


Just updated my Video Doorbell Pro from the Firmware update page successfully. However, when I went to stream the Video Doorbell Pro, I was presented with a FW update available. When I went to try, it started then the app crashed. I cleared Cache from the App and within the Android OS and then loaded again and the FW was there and no update was pending.

Not sure what happened, but the Doorbell has been updated.

Test of Time Sync was successful


It took a couple tries for the update to complete. The first took a very long time and appears to have timed out. I checked every few minutes and was met with “updating” then eventually was returned to the menu but the firmware was still on the last version. I reset my mesh routers and tried again. It still took a long time, more than 5 minutes, to complete.

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Updated 3 Doorbell Pro’s without issue. Update was quick for me, only took a minute or so.
No issues observed after update.


My update for the ProDb went well, didn’t experience the issue via iOS as mentioned by @spamoni


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