Wyze Vacuum Spot Cleaning + Manual Control

No, they are beta and also limited production. Very limited.

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Thank you.

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Turning off these notifications. It doesn’t look like this feature will ever come out of beta. Ridiculous amount of time waiting. I must have gotten hundreds of notifications that are just people wanting the feature.

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Have these two features never been added ?

These are definitely some feature that a lot of other brands robot vacuums have .

Yikes , let’s hope wyze listen to their customers

I have 2 Wyze robot vacuums. One is at 1.6.113 (no spot clean) and the other is at 1.6.173 (has spot clean from March 2022). Seems odd that they would be on different releases

If you want spot-cleaning on the other one, then just updated the firmware on it to a newer firmware version (1.6.173 or later if there are later firmware versions then this with the spotclean feature).

How? when I go to “firmware” in settings is says “Everything is good, you’re up to date”

Is there any way to force it to upgrade?


First make sure you tried to update the Wyze robot vac with the older firmware within its settings (click the device in the Wyze app, then click the settings icon in the top right corner, then click firmware, then you should see the option to update the firmware. Let me know if that works.

Zeb Jr.

yes - did that and it does not work. Also did a full reset and reinstall, same thing

I did not see Beta firmware version 1.6.173 in the firmware release notes. Is this because it is only being released to beta testers (including volunteer beta testers)?

Please clarify your response here; you said “No”, then said “they are beta…”. Also, what do you mean by they are “limited production?”

Correct. Release notes list only production app and firmware versions.

It was a reply meaning exactly what I stated. It was available to two separate groups… all beta testers running 1.6.113 and also a very limited number of production (non-beta) users running 1.6.113.

Beta announcement: Wyze Robot Vacuum Firmware Beta Test 3/1/2022

Limited production announcement: Wyze Robot Vacuum Firmware 1.6.199 and 1.6.202 Gradually Released! - 3/22/22

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Seapup - I am a Beta user with 2 vacuums. One vac took the upgrade from 1.6.113 to 1.6.173. The other vac at 1.6.113 does not show the upgrade as available. Is it possible that because I have 2 vacuums on my account that it is only allowing one of them on the beta program?

There is no current beta upgrade path. The last version 1.6.173 was paused:


So Seapup, are you saying that both firmware updates 1.6.199 and 1.6.202 are beta firmware versions for testing (It sounds like this is what the 03/01/22 Beta announcement article is saying)?

Spamoni4, do you know if a beta firmware version for the Wyze Cam v.3 has come out this year?

You might have to contact Wyze Support then.

If I remember correctly there have been a few Beta V3 Releases.

I am currently running which is the current Prod Release of the FW.

Is there something you are looking for?

1.6.306 appears to include this feature now finally; however, there is no means to upgrade to it. I bought a second unit a few days ago on sale at Walmart, and that one has the firmware and can use spot cleaning (it lets you draw a rectangle like a no go zone to send it to a specific place on demand which works fine), but as implied by the release notes page (which states only new Walmart sold units have it) they for some reason have no upgrade to this firmware for existing units… Which doesn’t bode well.

Would be nice to have an official response here regarding the why and when’s since this has been addressed in a such a limited way that concerns me they can’t update existing units anymore without bricking them.