Wyze vacuum cleaning event playback

This has come up before, but I don’t recall if it has ever been addressed.

For the Wyze robot vacuum, in the Wyze app, select the vacuum → Settings → Cleaning history → select a cleaning event → Playback.

Playback does not work. You can manually move the playback slider, but playback does not work. It never has.

This identical behavior is observed on an Android 7 tablet, Android 9 phone, and an Android 12 phone. Vacuum firmware and Wyze apps up to date.

Is this a known issue?

Android 11 Moto G Stylus 2020, Wyze App, WRV Firmware 1.6.306

However, when clicking Playback, I was asked to approve permission for the app to access Media. I am not sure this was something specific to the Vacuum Playback feature or this was just the first time I had accessed media after deleting and reinstalling the app for issues with this current version.

You may want to check to see that the app has full Media permission.


All permissions are allowed on my three Android devices, and this issue is not device specific for me. When I click play, it jumps immediately to the end.

Edit: I’m on the same app version as you.

Edit: Uninstalled and reinstalled app on all devices. Same behavior.

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