Wyze vacuum and rug fringe?

Anyone tried using the vacuum on rugs with fringe? I don’t see anything about fringe detection, but am hoping it can sense fringe, or at least won’t eat it if it goes over it. Reluctant to try it on my oriental carpets and am hoping someone’s already been more daring than me…



We have an old oriental rug with fringes and some wear damage along the edge. It doesn’t avoid the fringes and leave them in every which direction, but they all do seem to still be there. It doesn’t get tangled in other rugs that get eaten by regular vacuums, so I’d say it is quite gentle but not very smart with rugs.

Suction set to low, haven’t tried other settings.

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Thanks Chris, based onyour experience I went ahead and tried it and got similar results. Since we have several fringed rugs, some of them quite old, I decided not to use the Wyze vac downstairs, but will leave it upstairs, where it works great on our W2W carpets.