Wyze Vac talk to each other

We have 3100SqFt single story all tile floored home. Slowly replacing 5 DeeBot S79s with Wyze vacs, Currently have 4 Wyze but only three in service. Sure would like these semi smart Vacs to tell each other where each has already cleaned. In other words, for owners with 2 or more Wyze vacs, Please find a way to network them to divide and conquer.

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Why not break it down into rooms? Vac A covers the living room, vac B covers the mud room and back porch, etc.
That way vac A will never go into the living room, and vice versa.


It doesn’t show on the same map. It would be great if you could set them to do that but with the same map. We have 3 at our office and it becomes difficult to control them. Other than that they work great

When the vac is used for large areas, chances are it will have to return for charging before the vacuuming is complete.