Wyze Vac harging Confusion

Since the Wyze Handheld vac uses a special cable and charger not typical to most devices, it would be very nice if it could be somehow marked better so I wouldnt get them confused with all the other wall chargers in my home. Once I find that special charger again, I am going to Sharpie marker what its for so I dont keep using the wrong one. The cable needs to me marked as well since it cant be distinguished from the standard cable. This was just not very well thought out at all. As a product designer myself, you would say you guys should take more time to vet your products for these kinds of simple issues.

Hello @henrydara!

Wyze uses a USB-C cable for there handheld vacuum. USB-C cables are used for charging Larger devices because they charge devices much faster. USB-C cables deliver 100 watts of power which I believe is why Wyze choose this cable.

USB-C cables are starting to become more popular, they are used to charge other Wyze products (like the night light). New apple products also use USB-C cables to charge devices.

I hope this helps.

where do we buy the cable that comes with the wyze hand vac? I recently moved and lost my wyze cord which is the only usb c cord capable of charging the vacuum. I have tried usb c cords from both anker and apple, neither of them charge the vacuum.

also, why exactly would wyze inset the connector so far that you need a specialized version of a common connector.