Wyze V3 Pro Still Pixelating On iPhone After Latest App Update

Am running iPhone 13 Pro Max - iOS 16.2 - Google Fiber Mesh Routers. Wyze App 2.38.0 (27) - Firmware All up to date!
I, along with others, have been experiencing pixelation in Live View during the day and clears up at night. I attributed this to the V3 Pro streams: 20 fps Daytime & 15 fps Nighttime. I am able to toggle to SD and it clears up during the day - sometimes I can toggle to 2K and it will clear up and then freeze. I have had a Ticket open since 11/15.
On 12/12 Wyze released the latest firmware for V3 Pro & I updated both cameras. After update the pixelation ceased during the day & I marked my other post on this issue as Solved.
On 12/15 Wyze released their latest App update. After update the pixelation issue was back in Live View - NUTS! Again, I can toggle to SD and it will clear up,
Note: During this whole ordeal, Cam + recordings to the cloud have always been in 2K even when the Live View was pixelating. Now, recordings to the SD card are pixelated during the day and are fine at night - this scenario is very odd.
If this issue is not occurring on Android phones, why is only on the iPhones? What in the latest App update caused the pixelation problem to come back after Firmware update?
Hope this detailed explanation helps someone solve this issue once and for all!!!

I have had no issues with Pixelating on my one V3 Pro day or night time. I am using iOS 16.2, WYZE app 2.38.0 (27) on both my iPhone SE 2020 and a fourth generation iPad Pro. Maybe the cam doesn’t like your phone?

According to Wyze tech support, this issue has been reported by many users across the country - we’ve sent them log files on this problem. There has been reports of customers running App on Android & iOS - everything runs fine on Android & pixelation issue on iOS! Many customers have sent cameras back due to this issue.
What’s interesting is that latest firmware cleared issue up and latest App update screwed it up again! Go figure! This seems to impact iPhone users mostly per threads I have read, so the Cam doesn’t like many phones including mine - be glad you have not had to deal with this.

My V3 Pro worked great for 5-6 weeks until I did the firmware update and it screwed up the cam. I fixed it. Here is the post I made.

I gather from your linked post that doing a Factory Reset is what corrected your issue - is that correct?
I have factory reset both my cameras before, but not since the latest update.
What is different in my issue is that the firmware corrected the live view pixelation during the day - camera was fine from 12/12 - 12/15. On 12/15 Wyze did an App update and that caused the Live view pixelation issue again!!
I don’t get the error-67 here and I can switch to SD and camera shows Live view fine - can switch back to 2K and it will show for a few seconds and then freeze up. All of my 5 V3 cameras have no issues like you stated!
What is baffling is that Cam + recordings are in 2K and no issue on playback!
I will try a Factory Reset later - Kansas City is going to get nailed with a Polar Vortex and I’m not going to be out on ladder in 5 Degree weather!! Thanks for the tip.

That is correct the factory reset fixed my issues, good luck.

Happy New Year and thanks for the suggestion.
Was able to factory reset my back deck camera and unfortunately it did not help! It works fine inside where I reset it and when it was moved outside camera reverts back to the same issue.
App signal strength shows the same in both locations and the distance from inside to outside is 3’ through a sliding glass door!

Happy New Year to you also. My V3 Pro cam is still working fine and I am out of ideas. My cam is about 14 feet away from the router through one window and wall. The 5 Volt 2 Amp power adapter and cable that came with the cam are plugged into a power source inside 5 feet from the camera which is mounted to the right above my garage door outdoors. You did use the supplied power adapter correct?

Using the supplied power adapter and cable - had read about this issue before cameras arrived.
Camera is plugged into a weather protected GFI circuit on back deck and is about 18’ from mesh router.

Cam + recordings are fine in 2K - it’s only the Live View and SD card recordings during daytime that are the issue. Nighttime camera works fine in Live View, Cam +, and SD card recordings! Nighttime frame rate drops from 20 fps to 15 fps which may account for this.

I’ll eventually get it resolved - saw another post by carverofchoice that they are aware of issues with iOS App and hopefully will have an update later this month.

Update: iOS App was updated last night to 2.38.3 (3) and it did not help my issue - actually the update made it worse! Now both my V3 Pros are pixelating versus one prior to this update!!

1/6/23, I have the same issue even with the IOS Wyze App update on 1/5/23 to Additional details:
My configuration: Wyze cam v3 Pro (with Wyze 128GB SD card) used with the supplied Volt 2 Amp power adapter ; FW (12/12/22); IOS app v2.38.3.3 (new 1/5/23); iPhone XS with IOS 16.2; signal strength 2 bars out of 3; download speed 371Mbps, upload speed 11.1mbps
- (issue#1) live stream in 2k resolution time tag is frozen (during the day and works at night starting at 5 pm EST, dark in MA), provides a motion notification anyway, but cannot playback on SD card, but can playback the limited motion event video on CamPlus and time tag increments on the event video.
- (issue#2) On live stream there appears to be no difference between the 2k resolution and the SD resolution; may be better on CamPlus but need more testing to determine. Question: Could the daytime livestream issue be due to an overload on Wyze cloud servers?
- (issue3) Also, the Wyze IOS app sometimes sticks when using and need to power down/up on iPhone XS to unstick.

I updated the iOS app on both my iPad Pro and my iPhone today to 2.38.3 (3) and still do not have any issues with the V3 Pro on either device. Live view and all recording are clear and no issues with cloud event videos or playback from the SD. Camera works the same for me day or night.

Other than your issue #3, I am having the same problems. According to other posts, Wyze is aware of the issue with iOS - this not occurring on the Android App. Some iOS users are also not having this issue - Antonius has his camera working fine as you can see by his post!
I still think the camera frame rate dropping from 20 fps daylight to 15 fps nighttime has an impact on camera working at night.
This has been very frustrating!

Glad it did not negatively impact you - don’t wish this frustration on anyone!
I had to suffer through their issue with the Video Doorbell Live Stream freezing - a forum member came up with a hack until Wyze finally fixed it! Now Doorbell Live Stream works great.
I install quite a few Wyze cameras in neighborhood for fellow “Seasoned Citizens” - am not touching the V3 Pro until issue is totally resolved on iPhone. :grimacing:

As your probably know, the Wyze cam uploads streaming data to its servers (via your internet connection) and then downloads your live stream (via your internet connection) back to your Wyze app for viewing. If your upload speed is too slow, your viewing may experience buffering or choppy playback while watching your stream. Per its tech specs, the Wyze cam v3 Pro uses 2K with 20 frames per second (fps) in day and 15 fps at night, so an upload speed of at least 3.0 Mbps (see below) is needed which should be available for most internet users.
- SD = 720p (1280 X 720), upload speeds of at least 1.5 Mbps needed for 20 fps (4.5 Mbps for 60 fps)
- HD = 1080p (1920x1080), upload speeds of at least 2.3 Mbps needed
- *2K (QHD) = 1440p (2560x1440), upload speeds of at least 3.0 Mbps needed
- Reference for upload speeds: Upload Speed For Streaming: How To Level Up Your Live Stream
It seems that a small change of 5 fps should not cause the 2K live streaming to freeze. Since CamPlus event videos work in 2K, then these videos make it up to the Wyze server and only later are downloaded for one to view, so the complete up-to-server and down-from-server does not have to happen simultaneously. That is why I think the Wyze server may be contributing to the issue.

The cam uploads events to the cloud server if you have that feature enabled via the app. The live stream is a direct connection from cam to viewing device.

I have pressed the reset button to reset my v3 Pro, but my understanding is that operation just erases all the latest v3 Pro setting, but not FW. I read your above thread but cannot tell if you just pressed the reset button and/or also reset the FW somehow back to the factory settings and if so how. Also I did not remove my SD card when I did the reset. Please share more details. Thanks.

Thanks for the clarification. So then if Cam Plus is enabled, then the stream goes to both the Wyze cloud AND the viewing device at the same time, correct? Also, why do you think that the 2K livestream has difficulty during the day where SD does not. Also, did you see a difference is livestream resolution between 2K and SD?

Yes, that is true for all Wyze cams.

I don’t know. I’m not experiencing that issue with my v3 Pro cams set to 2K.

I haven’t tried SD as 2K has been working well for me. But I’ll check now…

Yes, I see a slight difference between SD and 2K, especially when zoomed in on diagonal lines/objects. I notice a serious difference between 360p and 2K.

My original post states the when I did the downloaded update of the firmware is killed of my V3 Pro and it would freeze and not connect. I downloaded the current firmware (and asked if I had to rename the file) like the V3 did not get firm directions. There was no written procedure for the Pro so I just added the file that I downloaded to an SD and did a manual firmware update. To me that did not seem to work ? so I took out the SD card and did a factory reset following the V3 instructions: that worked and the cam had the correct updated firmware on it. It has been good ever since. they should make a procedure for the V3 Pro just in case so I didn’t have to guess and do trial and error. I think the factory reset was my fix, just my opinion.

So let’s break down the case of livestream: case 1, livestream from CAM to viewing device on the same local wifi network: and case 2, livestream from CAM to viewing device on a device on a non-local network (wifi at a public site, for example). For case 1, I can understand that the livestream data could go directly from the CAM to the viewing device, but for case 2, it would seem that the livestream data would need to be uploaded to the Wyze cloud server and then downloaded to the public wifi location to the viewing device – if so then the Wyze cloud server would need to be involved?