Wyze V3 motion detection outside of detection zone

I’m getting motion alerts for motion outside of the detection zone. If you see in the video there is motion at the top of the green shrubs but they are outside of my detection zone as shown in the screenshot. My detection sensitivity is set to 30.

Is there anyway to fix this.

[Mod Note]: Re-encoded video for proper embedded viewing in web browsers.

Yes. But it will require an expansion of your Excluded Detection Zone.

Objects within the Field of View are marked with a firmware generated “Bounding Box” (the green Motion Tracking Box) to designate objects.

Wyze uses Overlap Logic within their detection and AI algorithms. If any part of an object is overlapping into the Included Detection Zone, the entire object is considered included and will be tagged and notified regardless of how much of that object is within the Excluded DZ.

Objects are not defined as the physical boundaries of the object itself, but by the boundaries of the Bounding Box placed around the object. Therefore, if any portion of the Bounding Box is within the Included DZ, the entire contents of the Bounding Box is considered Included.

From your video and Detection Zone Screenshot, it looks like the bounding box overlapped the Included DZ in the lower left corner of the box and therefore included it.


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Thanks for the detailed response. I’ll try to take those two boxes out and see how that works.

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