Wyze V3 cameras and the Internet

Please explain in detail how the Wyze cams work on the internet.

  1. The Wyze cameras capture the video.
  2. They send the video to the home router over 2GHz frequency.
  3. Then what are the rest of the steps to get the video to your display.
  4. Does the router send the video to your home displays or is the video sent to the Wyze servers which then sends it to the home displays.
  5. Is the motion detection done inside the cameras or by the servers.

Thanks for answering my questions,


If your watching the live stream from the Wyze app on the same network as the cam, the stream will go straight from the cam to the router and back to your phone.

If viewing it somewhere else, it will go to wyzes servers and then to your phone.

All event recording is recorded to the cloud (except micro sd card recordings). Motion detection is done on the cam.


Thanks for this easy to understand explanation.


I have 2 follow up questions:

  1. What happens when the camera detects motion???
    When the camera detects motion does it send the 12 seconds of video to my router which sends it to Wyze where the video is stored on the Wyze memory until I ask to see it…or is something else going on.
  2. Does the Wyze camera need a lot of 2GHz bandwidth or is 10 Mbps enough?
    Thanks again

When the cam detects motion the event video is uploaded to the cloud (cam > router > Wyze server), and it’s stored for 14 days. When you view the event, your phone downloads the video from Wyze and shows it to you.

10mbps should be plenty as long as it’s not flooded with other stuff.

Thanks again for your easy to understand answer.
The cameras are the only devices that use my 2GHz.



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