Wyze V3 Camera not working with rules

My V3 camera will not turn on siren with a rule for when motion is detected on the V3. I tried a rule for my Wyze lock to turn on V3 siren when it is unlocked and that won’t work either but a rule for the lock to turn on the Wyze bulb when unlocked works. I’ve tried other V2 cameras with a rule to turn on V3 camera siren when motion is detected but no luck. Siren works within the app. Any thoughts?


Same situation here. The i-device people don’t seem to be having issues with the siren (Wyze v3 sound alarm when human detected at specific time interval), so this appears to be an Android app problem. Using version 2.17.7 of the app.

Tested all setup options and the siren on my V3 camera will not turn on from any device trigger. I can turn on my Wyze light bulb from the V3 camera when it detects motion so the issue is not the app or the V3 camera but the camera firmware is not setup to do it. Maybe Wyze didn’t program it to be able to so they can have it trigger the spotlight to turn on with motion detection that they are now selling for the V3 camera?

Same problem with mine.

I have the same problem. It is not working. I tried it on two different V3 camera - no luck. I would like to hear from Wyze support.

Have you updated to the latest firmware from today on the v3?

I did update but I already had installed what updated today is!

Just updated all my cameras firmware and my one and only “mute notification” rule while home stopped working. Can anyone help me try to figure out what’s up? What do I need to post to verify I have it all working.

Welcome to the forums! The “mute notifications” action should mute all notifications coming from your app. One way to see if it worked is wait until the initial time occurs, then look at the bell icon in the app, did it change to a bell with Zzz next to it? Can you post a screen shot of your rule history to see if it ran on time and if it was successful?

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Thank you… Looks like the rules do work but only if you dont set it during the time you’re in… I.e if it’s 630pm and you set the rule for 6pm, it won’t backtrack it. Makes sense now. THANK YOU @omakad

Rule logic doesn’t work like that, you are correct. If I were to create a rule to turn on a light from 6pm to 7pm, look at it as two seperate actions. Turns on at 6p… then off at 7p. It’s not “light is on between 6p and 7p”. So if I created my rule at 620p, the light would “turn off” at 7p, but won’t turn in until tomorrow at 6p via rule.