Wyze v2 & pan Firmware Beta Test 1/20/2021

Wyze Cam v2: 4.9.6. 235

Wyze Cam Pan: 4.10.6. 235

Release notes: (compared to 4.X.6.232)

New Features:• None

• Improved Cam Plus Event Video push notification time (less strong networks may not see much effect).

• Cam Plus Event Video push notifications

• Wyze Cam time stamps

• Overall camera performance and stability

• Cam Plus displayed video length may be shorter than the actual video length in slower network environments


Just to be clear, the following is a sincere question, not sarcastic or mocking or anything like that, I am just confused and don’t understand and would like to:

I am curious how a less strong network would not see much effect on the push notification time.

Logically, if a network is not strong enough to upload a live stream of the video, then it would not work at all, or there would be a ton of dropped frames, and you’d see a lot of other problems (video would run at crazy multi-speed or with black frames or something of the like, and would be different obvious problem entirely. But here, we are talking about networks which otherwise still get notifications, so they are working at least fast enough to transfer 10-20FPS of live streamed video, or they’d never get a notification at all…but this instead says they just won’t see an improvement for FASTER notifications.

So, if a network is doing well enough to send 10-20fps per second. And each second is being transferred every second, and the main delay is caused from the time it takes the Wyze server AI to process the analysis of the video, wouldn’t it 100% be up to making the AI detect the incoming video faster and send a notice back ASAP? That analysis isn’t being done on our network/router, and our network/router must be sending the video at the same speed as every one else (it can’t send a second of video before that second of video is captured after all, no matter how fast the network is). Therefore, if the delay is on the Wyze Server AI processing side, how does an improvement/speed increase not happen for EVERYONE who has the capability to receive notifications at all? Anyone with a strong enough network to be able to upload cloud videos at all or live stream at all obviously gets notifications (if not, then you almost definitely don’t get any notifications, right?), and thus, anyone who gets any notifications should get them faster if Wyze fixed the processing delay, right?

If my understanding is incorrect, will someone please help clarify how this change works differently so that I understand how the process actually functions?
Thanks. (Sometimes I’m too curious for my own good)

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@WyzeAndy, what does this mean exactly? I am (have been) having an issue where the events list says one duration (23 seconds) but the video is shorter (18 seconds)*, and in the video the motion is missed. For example there is a car in the thumbnail but that car is already out of frame from when the video starts. Is that what that known issue is? If not, then what is happening? My network isn’t slow by any measure that i’m aware of, so not sure here and looking for some help.

  • Times given are just for instance. I see this with all different length videos.

I just did a test with AI on a V2 Camera. It notified me in 10 seconds as opposed to the 20 seconds. Seems to be getting better… :slight_smile: but this was only 1 test for now. Will test more later.

Hopefully it will get down to about 5 seconds…

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Mine does the same thing

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Please, my Sensors keep loosing communication. They are not showing offline, but they stopped noting when a contact changes or motion happens. I had to reset everything yesterday. Now they just started doing this again within the last hour. No triggers are working of course.

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