Wyze V2 Grid Issue

If I have to block out anymore of the grid for this camera I may as well turn off even using the grid. But I really like the concept of the grid. Do wish the squares were much smaller as I waste a lot of detectible space having to block out a small portion somewhere. In the pictures notice that all the bush is blocked out and then some. When there is a breeze fortunately it doesn’t alert constantly, but still something is wrong. I have posted picture of the grid set and picture of triggered alert.

If there are stil issues you can readjust the camera view or move it’s mounting location, or adjust the sensitivity settings for starters.

That motion event was triggered right here.


That dang one little leaf, lol. How did I miss that one block hahaha. Yes, I have readjusted camera many times for optimal use. I have also changed sensitivity level but when it is lower I have more problems with it picking up someone opening my gate with no alert because of shade, or night time alerts. I will continue messing around with it but smaller boxes would be really nice. Thanks for pointing out my missed box, old brain here.